Precious Hall

23 Guard

Nationalitet :USA
Födelsedatum :1994
Längd :173 cm
Vikt :
  • GPosition
  • När jag var fyra år gammal.När började du spela basket?
  • Att alltid spela tufft och med självförtroende.Vad är den viktigaste lärdomen din första coach lärde dig?
  • Jag är duktig på att göra poäng.Vad är dina styrkor som basketspelare?
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Since I was four basketball has always been apart of my life. In school I was always the quiet and shy girl but basketball always brought me out of my shell, it gave me an escape from the real world. Playing with different teams, meeting new firends, exploring new places, it all made me very happy. When I went to college, that’s when it got a little more serious. Harder practices, faster pace, tougher coaches. After all that, I still loved the game. Now that I’m playing professionally, it keeps getting better. Now I’m meeting people from different cultures and countries, going places I’ve only seen pictures of. Basketball has made my life an exciting one and I only hope it gets better from here.